Health & Safety


 We would like to assure our visitors and trainees that Hedges & Hurdles Country Craft & Skills is a COVID 19 secure organisation.

We have a comprehensive risk assessment in place which includes COVID 19 safety measures, this document is also available for you to read on request.

We ensure we keep up to date and apply Government Guidelines that are in place at the time of any workshop or training course. We take key measures to ensure your safety (and ours) including but not limited to the following:

  • We will take your temperature on arrival to our workshop or training course.
  • We not only social distance due to the risk of COVID 19 infection we also distance trainees to reduce the risk of injury when using long materials such as Willow and Hazel. We therefore ensure between 1 and 3 metres distancing, depending on the activity being undertaken
  • For indoor workshops everyone is to wear a face masks at all times, this is optional for outdoor courses.
  • Staff will wear face vizors when within the 1 metre proximity of trainees.
  • We will provide water, soap and drying facilities at wash stations.
  • We will provide hand sanitiser for the occasions when people can’t wash their hands
  • We will avoid the sharing of tools and equipment where possible. However, if tools are to be shared we will ensure that these are cleaned before and after each use and users also sanitise their hands before use too.
  • Safety glasses and any other safety equipment used by trainees will be cleaned before and after use.
  • If we are working indoors or in a restricted outdoor space we will ensure a one-way system is in place.
  • We advise trainees to bring their own mugs if they would like tea or coffee. A member of staff will use disposable safety gloves for handling kettles, teaspoons etc.
  • The businesses where we run indoor workshops are all COVID 19 secure and have their own safety measures in place that we adhere to.
  • We will record a telephone number and name on arrival at an event for track and trace purposes.

As an education organisation we are allowed by law to run workshops of up to 30 people. However, we prefer to run smaller workshop groups usually between 5 to 12 people, depending on the type of workshop or training course we are delivering and the space and number of staff that we have available.





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