Hen In The Woods

Are you looking for an outdoor experience for a Hen Party?

Bring friends and family together to design and make your own bespoke accessories or keepsakes for your Hen’s to take home whilst participating in a fun-filled outdoor ‘experience’ set within the beautiful surroundings of Surrey Hills!

Create your own bespoke agenda for your day or weekend (with our help), choosing from a list of activity options or you can suggest something you would like to do or make!

We work mainly with wood and all materials used are sourced locally through sustainable woodland management programmes.

Develop your creative side, acquire and practise new skills. There is so much you can create with wood and other materials with just a little imagination and time!


We have a choice of locations across the Surrey Hills and West Sussex that we use for our training courses and workshops. We can also consider running workshops at a location of your choice for your private group if suitable. 


We have put together a selection of activity options and workshops for you to choose from so you can build your experience to suit your group. You can also refer to our full list of workshop experiences to include within your event.

We work mainly with wood and all materials used are sourced locally through sustainable woodland management practice.

Example of Activities

1. Willow Hearts: Each of you can make a Willow heart to take home or gift/lend to the bride as a wedding decoration for the wall or back of chairs!

2. Photo frame: A large frame can be made and decorated, to be hung in a tree and used as a photo booth at the Wedding. Can also be used during the Hen party event.

3. Table decorations: How better to decorate the wedding table than with crafts made by the Hen party. You can prepare wood slices to make a table name plaque for each table. Prepare smaller pieces of wood to create individual name holders.

4. Candle holder: Select a piece of wood to turn into a tea-light Candle Holder for you to take home or gift to the bride for her wedding. The wood has been pre-drilled so all you have to do is sand it down and treat it with special oils.

5. Decoupage: Decorate tea-light candle holders or small boards with dried flowers or other materials (decoupage).

6. Welcome board: Design, make and decorate a Welcome Board. Create an “A” Frame to display the board at the Wedding.

7. Guest book: Curly Willow fixed into a container can be used as a Guest Book for the wedding party guests to add their own messages. Small wood slices attached with string can be made to add individual messages to the tree.

8. Large birch heart: A large heart – approximately 1.5 metres in diameter can be made by a small group of 2 to 4 individuals.

9. Hair Wreaths: A hen party isn’t complete without each of you creating your own hair wreath from Willow. Forage in the woodlands and around the lakes for a selection of flora to decorate.


We have a variety of catering options available to offer you, an outdoor dining experience can be included as part of your event including continental or cooked breakfasts, buffets, warming stews and soups for lunch, picnics, charcuterie and afternoon teas!

We also have a selection of preferred suppliers who all use local produce and seasonal ingredient. As we are members of Surrey Hills Enterprises we often collaborate with fellow members who offer various catering options we can source for you (subject to their availability).

The catering option you may wish to choose will be dependent on various factors such as your group’s specific requirements, the number of individuals in your group, the number of meals you would like to have during the day and the menu and food experience you prefer!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to provide you with a no-obligation quotation for your consideration.


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