Willow Basket Workshops

Join Lorraine for a one or two day Willow Basket Workshop suitable for beginners.

You will learn the techniques used to weave your very own  basket from a selection of styles available.

In all our practical, hands on  workshops, you will also learn about Willow, how it is grown, how to prepare Willow, and the traditional basket weaving techniques used.

We will use a mix of both brown and buff Willow depending on your basket of choice, and sometimes steemed Willow, this will be prepared in-advance for use. Brown Willow is the generic name for Willow that we buy in dried bundles, this is then soaked before use. Buff Willow is boiled to remove the bark and is also soaked before use but doesn’t take as long to prepare. Steemed Willow producing a lovely, contrasting dark colour created by the tannins released during the steaming process.

We use a selection of specialist Willow varieties to make our baskets, there are various colours too. Did you know there are more than 300 varities of Willow that can be found in the UK, we have our own handful of favourites that we use!

Our aim is to introduce different basket workshops over time. We work as small groups of between 3 and 8 people.

Our choice of workshops for 2024 include the following:

i. Wooden base round basket

ii. Bread basket or large platter

iii. Berry basket or Small Round Basket

iv. Large woven base round basket

v. Your Choice Workshops

vi. Asymmetric Basket

Although Willow Weaving is very good exercise for your hands, if you suffer from arthritis or carpol tunnel please talk to Lorraine first before booking.

Additional Willow (when available) can be prepared and purchased as an add-on extra when booking your workshops. This is for those wishing to practise what they have learned on the day at home or if required for a bigger basket.


Please bring your own note pad and pen to take notes and draw diagrams if you wish during the workshop as we do not provide handouts.

NB// Lorraine is a member of the Basket Maker’s Association


Starting from £90 p.p. (full-day)

All materials to make your basket will be provided. A light, seasonal lunch may be included depending on the workshop and location (see booking ticket for more information).

Complimentary Tea and Coffee available at all locations.


Full-day: 10:00am – 4.p.m./5p.m. (inc 1 hour lunch)

Times may vary depending on workshop and location (see booking ticket for more information)

bread basket or large platter

In this workshop you will learn how to make the woven Willow base using a pairing weave, this can be a large base if making a platter and different colours of Willow can be used to make an attractive design. For the Bread Basket you will stake up the sides of the basket; you will learn waling, pairing, English randing and a three-rod track border.

This workshops suitable for beginners.

berry basket / small round basket

When making a Berry Basket or small Round Basket you will learn how to make the woven Willow base; stake up the sides of the basket; various weaving techniques such as pairing, waling, and a three-rod track border and if you have time a Willow roped handle to finish.

Suitable for beginners and those wishing to practise further. 

The photo above are baskets made by students with little or no experience of basket weaving.

large willow baskets

When making a large round Willow basket you will learn how to make the woven Willow base; stake up the sides of the basket; various weaving techniques such as waling, English and French randing and a three-rod or four-rod track border and a Willow roped handle to finish.

This is a two-day workshop to allow sufficient time to practise each step. If you finish early you may have time to practise some different weaves such as slewing or make a small Willow Craft to take home.

Suitable for beginners and those wishing to practise further.


your choice workshop

This workshop is for those who have their own basket project in mind or for beginners who wish to practise their newly aquired basket making skills further.

Lorraine will be on hand to assist and will provide sufficient materials for one basket. If additonal materials for your project are required these can be purchased as an add-on.

The above picture shows students making baskets with little or no basket weaving experience.

Asymmetric basket

This two-day workshop involves a blend of traditional basket making techniques with a twist of artistic freedom, resulting in unique, eye catching pieces. You will first create a traditional round basic base and secure the uprights with a pull down wale followed by a three rod wale as we weave up the sides of the basket. Lorraine will show you how to French Rand using a pair of withies at one time. Further waling is then followed by the beautiful asymmetric border securing a bow handle.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those wishing to explore different weaves. If you already have some basketry experience this is an opportunity to create your own design.

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