Sussex Praire Gardens

Sussex Prairie garden opened to the public in 2009, just one year after planting. They are amongst a handful of large new gardens, designed and created in the 20th and 21st century, in Great Britain.

It is Britain’s largest “Prairie,” or “Naturalistic,” garden, with eight acres of stunning garden to roam around. Unlike most gardens of a comparable size, they have no castle or stately home! The owners Paul and Pauline designed and planted the garden themselves, on Pauline’s family farm in West Sussex. Instead of armies of servants and gardeners, they planted all 35,000 plants with help of amazing friends and family!

The gardens are open from June to October each year.

This is such a picturesque location, a photographers dream and perfect for the Willow Workshops, Mixed Media Workshops and the Mini-Wattle Hurdle Workshops delivered by Lorraine, Paul and team. This is also a popular location for private group events and the garden tickets are also included in the price of all workshops.

The Teashop will operate as a kiosk serving Takeaway teas, coffee and homemade cakes and ice cream which you can enjoy throughout the garden.

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