Living Willow Harlequin Tree Kit & Tutorial


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This is a seasonal product and only available between January and March.

If you would like to learn how to weave your own Harlequin Tree (or two) then this kit will provide you with the quality materials you require plus access to Lorraine’s comprehensive YouTube video tutorial.

Included in this kit:

  • 36 x 2-3ft Living Willow Withies
  • 12 garden ties
  • 2.5 ltr bag of compost
  • Online video tutorial
  • Care guidelines

You will also need a 2.5 ltr pot, we will provide this for free if you choose to collect in person from our Garden Shop.

With this kit, you will be able to make 1 x 2ft Harlequin Tree using 3 withies grouped together in each weave. Alternatively, you can make 1 x tree using 1 of the withies in the weave plus a second tree using 2 withies.

Please note the colour of withies will vary depending on the variety of Willow used. Guidelines for caring for your Harlequin Tree will also be included. We expect your plant to have a long healthy life if looked after properly, however, we cannot provide any guarantees.

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Dimensions 68 × 32 × 5 in


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