Willow Crafts

Willow weaving is a mindful, relaxing craft that can be used to not only make practical pieces but to create beautiful sculptures large and small. We offer a selection of morning and afternoon workshops located at various locations throughout the year including: > Priory Farm Estate, South Nutfield, Surrey > Birtley Woodland Art Space, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey > Sussex Prairies, nr Henfield, West Sussex > Flittons Nursery, Wallington, Surrey > Private Woodlands, Surrey Our workshop experiences are suited for adults, teenagers, families and groups. We adapt our courses to suit private groups, corporate team building events, horticultural societies, scouts and guiding groups, private parties, summer schools and children who are home schooled. The selection of crafts we offer will vary throughout the year depending on the season. We can run morning, afternoon or full-day workshops and can also arrange private evening events at a location to suit. For more information and to discuss your requirements contact Lorraine.

Willow Butterfly Workshop

New for 2021 this Willow Butterfly is a joy to make in this one day workshop. The butterfly can be created in different ways, the example above shows the wings decorated with a dream catcher weave. Learn more … (coming soon).



Living Willow Harlequin Trees


The harlequin pattern is woven using living Willow directly into a pot to create a beautiful Willow tree to stand out on your doorstep, patio, balcony or wherever you choose.

Workshops will commence in early Spring 2021.






Botanical & Willow Craft

It’s time to unwind in a mindful and creative botanical workshop with a twist! We combine natural materials with carefully selected plants to produce beautiful planters and art pieces for you to enjoy or gift to others! Working together, Lorraine and Renée will bring you two choices of workshops.  Willow Planters & Botanical Dreams! Learn more …


Willow Heart Workshop

Experience this mindful, relaxing Willow Weaving workshop and weave a Willow Heart, perfect for hanging from a tree, on an outside wall,  or for enjoying as an art piece in your home! Learn more …






DragonflyWillow Dragonfly Workshop

In this mindful workshop, you will spend time learning how to weave a Dragonfly from Willow. The Dragonfly will be a delightful talking point for any visitor to your garden! Learn more …





Willow Flowers Workshop

Experience the art of Willow Weaving and create Willow Flowers, heirlooms to be treasured. You will make a large flower using the traditional weaving technique also used to form the a base of a basket! Learn more …




Willow Tension Tray (platter)

Suitable for all ages this Willow Tension tray can be made from a selection of different Willow or foraged materials to create a beautiful tray or platter, perfect for serving bread, fruit or hanging on the wall as an art piece. Learn more … (coming soon)    



Willow Bird Feeder Workshop

Learn how to weave a Bird Feeder for your garden using a wooden, table top jig. Add an upright support or a handle and a few fat balls, place in your garden and experience the joy of feeding the birds! Learn more …







Willow Fish Workshop

Create one large fish or a shoal of small fishes! This is a mindful and relaxing workshop as when working with Willow you can lose yourself to the task of creating your little (or large) heirloom. Learn more …






Dream Catcher Workshop

  Join us to make a Willow Dream Catcher, this craft originates in the Native American Indian Ojibwe culture, used as a protective charm for infants. You can also make our Dream Catchers in our Halloween Workshops! Learn more …






  We have a selection of Willow Workshops for Christmas for you to choose. Weave a  Willow Angel, Christmas Tree, Willow Heart or make Traditional & Modern Wreaths or adorne your table with a beautiful table centre piece made from natural materials. Learn more …  













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