Harlequin Tree


Harlequin Tree, made to order from two Willow varieties, Flanders Red (large 6ft trees) and Caledendron  (5ft trees) living Willow approximately 6ft in height.



Harlequin Tree, made from living Willow using two varieties, Caledendron for 5ft tree and Flanders Red for 6ft tree).


This woven tree will grow to produce a crown of leaves each year in Spring. This plant is low maintenance, easy to care for but a high impact plant that will last for many years if looked after properly. Cut back the top growth hard in early spring. You can trim the crown and side shoots on the trunk to maintain the shape or leave to do its own thing, it’s up to you! If trimming we recommend you do this twice a year.

It is important to keep your Harlequin Tree well watered, do not allow it to dry out, especially in the first four weeks and during the summer months. Once the roots have established in the pot provided you can either leave the tree as it is or pot on to a larger container or plant directly into the ground. As with many trees, it will become dormant during the winter.

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