We have put together a comprehensive selection of activity options and workshops for you to select so you can build your experience to suit your group.

Let’s get the party started (preparation party) by making some Bride & Hen Sashes and beautiful hair wreaths decorated with seasonal flora and foliage. You can also create some fun decorations to make your experience unique to your group.

We work mainly with wood and all materials used are sourced locally through sustainable woodland management practice.

We have prepared some ready-made activity schedules for you to choose from. Each activity is described in more detail below so you can also create your own schedule if you wish. We recommend 3 key activities or two activities and one specialist workshop in any one day to allow time for completion. We can also split the group up to do different activities if preferred, for example in one session you may want two or three people making a large birch heart and the rest of the group making smaller hearts, we can discuss the options with you and agree what works best!

Activity schedule

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Preparation party Preparation party Preparation party
Hearts Candle holders Workshop
Frames Decoupage Candle holders
Option 1 – day two Option 2 – day two Option 3 – day two
Welcome board Table decorations No Bride allowed
Guest book Workshop Decoupage
Brush Lettering Workshop Hearts Large Birch Heart

Activity Description

1. Hearts     Make a heart to take home or gift to the bride for a wedding decoration for the wall or back of chairs!    
2. Photo frame     A large frame can be made and decorated, to be hung in a tree and used as a photo booth at the Wedding. Can also be used during the Hen party event.    
3. Table decorations     How better to decorate the wedding table than with crafts made by the Hen party. You can cut and prepare wood slices to make a table name plaque for each table. Cut and prepare smaller pieces of wood to create individual name holders.    
4. Candle holder     Select a piece of wood to turn into a tea-light Candle Holder for you to take home or gift to the bride for her wedding. First sand, drill holes for the tea light and treat with special oils.      
5. Decoupage     Decorate tea-light candle holders or small boards with dried flowers or other materials (decoupage).    
6 Welcome board     Design, make and decorate a Welcome Board. Create an “A” Frame to display the board at the Wedding.    
7. Guest book     Curly Willow fixed into a container can be used as a Guest Book for the wedding party guests to add their own messages. Small wood slices attached with string can be made to add individual messages to the tree.    
8. Large birch heart     A large heart – approximately 1.5 metres in diameter can be made by a small group of 2 to 4 individuals    
9. No Bride allowed     Send your bride off for a pamper whilst you make something unique for the Bride OR Bride & Groom    


Select one of our specialist workshops to add to your experience:

1. Brush lettering workshop     Learn how to personalise your own signs, plaques, name places and seating plans. Brush lettering is a style of writing similar to calligraphy. With each letter, heavy pressure is applied on the downward stroke and light pressure is applied with every upward stroke. Because of the use of pressure and the appearance of the letters, brush lettering is commonly known as modern calligraphy.    
2. Hen portraits     Learn how to draw a hen (or cockerel) from a photograph and take home both a new skill and a personal piece of artwork for your wall to remember the hen weekend by. Work in pencil or colour and choose between everyone using the same image or a different bird for each participant    
3. Print from Nature     Learn how to mix colours, ink foliage and create a truly unique memento of your hen weekend with foliage foraged from Gate Street Barn. Choose to keep the prints just as they are, collectively create a collage for the bride-to-be, or print on cards to be used as place names or thank yous.    
4. Clay impressions     Use foliage foraged locally to create delicate impressions in white clay. Your set of unique clay pieces can then be written on or painted when dry; you could use them as wedding favours, table place names or just as a beautiful keepsake of your weekend.    




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