Pyro & Willow Workshop

We invite you to join Lorraine and Ruth for a morning or afternoon creative workshop at Newlands Corner situated above Chilworth and Albury villages outside Guildford. Newlands Corner is right in the heart of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with large areas of woodland and chalk downland on the lower grassy slopes.

The workshops are fully funded by Surrey County Council as part of their Access For All initiative.


The mindful workshops use natural materials and are designed with health and wellbeing in mind ensuring you can have a relaxing and enjoyable experience in this accessible and beautiful location.

1. Willow Bird Feeder Workshop

This project is delivered by Lorraine. Using a tabletop wooden jig and a variety of Willow the participants will learn how to weave a Willow Bird Feeder. To finish the feeder a handle can be created to enable the feeder to be hung from a tree or balcony! This feeder is ideal for holding fat balls or pieces of fruit! Providing feeders and different foods encourages a variety of birds throughout the seasons and is especially important during the nesting season.

2. Natural Art and Pyro Hanging Workshop

This workshop is delivered by Ruth and incorporates stringing found natural objects, sticks, pine cones stones, recycled beads, buttons, shells, cotton cord and pyrography decorated wooden discs. Pyrography is the art of decorating wood with burn marks using a heated object like a metal pen. The term literally means “writing with fire” and comes from the Greek words “pur” and “graphos”.

On-site location

The location of the workshop at Newlands Corner will be close to the new Discovery Centre, toilet facilities and a cafe are located here too. Further information about the site and access can be found here: “Newlands Corner”. The Discovery Centre plus Gazebo coverage will be used in the event of a shower on the day.

What’s included?

  • All materials
  • Tea, Coffee
  • Soft drinks
  • Cake

Community Survey

Surrey County Council has recognised that some members of the community rarely visit the councils’ countryside estates and yet during the last two years, having access to green open spaces has been more important than ever for both physical and mental wellbeing. A survey is now being conducted to understand what barriers may prevent people from getting out and about into the countryside. Jo Robertson, Visitor Improvement Officer – Access for AllNatural Capital – Surrey County Council

We would appreciate the opportunity to engage in discussions during our workshops in order to provide feedback to the council to help them make the necessary improvements where possible that address the barriers identified. We would also like to share an anonymous questionnaire with the participants or their carers and families, whichever is suitable so that they have time to provide further feedback.


Please select the date of the workshop you have been offered and register the number of participants who will be attending and their workshop choices.

About us

Lorraine and Ruth run a shared outdoor studio on the Birtley Estate in Bramley, Guildford. To learn more about this space and the tutors please visit the following website: https://www.birtleywoodlandartspace.co.uk/about

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