Bushcraft skills for beginners

Experience a full day in our outdoor workshop learning something different! As a novice trainee, we will introduce you to basic Bushcraft skills that you will learn in a Woodside setting.

We create bushcraft experiences for private corporate groups, families, parties and individuals and adapt the course content and structure to suit the ability and age of those attending.


Birtley Woodland Art’s Space, Bramley, Guildford.

What will I learn?

Practised properly Bushcraft can have a positive impact on nature and help increase biodiversity. You will learn from your trainers Paul and Lorraine about the nature of hardwood trees, the benefits of coppicing and how to sustainably harvest from nature.

You will be taught how to use fixed blade knives safely and practise the different cutting techniques used for making some simple crafts such as feather sticks, walking sticks or a simple whittling project of your choice.

We will also learn how to make a fire using just friction and enjoy watching the flames as we toast marshmallows!

Group bookings

We can facilitate groups of 10 or more, we prefer to have a staff ratio of 1-7 (trainer to adult trainee).

Bespoke courses

If you would like a bespoke training course this is something we are happy to discuss with you further. Depending on location and dates we may also be able to travel to you to deliver the course! Please inform the organiser of the dates you would like to be considered.

What shall I bring with me?

We will supply all the required tools and protection including fixed blade knives, cut resistant gloves and eye protection. If you do have your own tools and protection you are welcome to bring these with you, please make sure all tools have been sharpened beforehand, as a blunt tool is a dangerous tool!

You will remain in the open air throughout the day; therefore, participants should dress accordingly. We recommend that you have several layers of clothing, hats and gloves, waterproofs and strong footwear.


Example: Full day workshop: 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m


When it comes to dining we have collaborations in place to suit a mixture of tastes. The different options we can provide can be an integral part of your overall experience and we will be pleased to outline these in more detail for you on request.


To obtain further information and discuss your requirements please make contact

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