Willow Workshops – Proving Popular

I (Lorraine) have been running a series of Willow Obelisk Workshops this year at both Priory Farm, South Nutfield and also The Dene, Woldingham. Due to their popularity I have been adding new dates and will continue to do so until my Willow runs out! Last year I used Hazel as it really creates a strong, long lasting Obelisk. However, Hazel is much more time consuming to cut as you have to be quite selective when using the rods for weaving.

There is something about working with Willow that really allows you to feel connected to the natural world. I enjoy harvesting the Willow from the lakeside at Priory Farm, as much as I enjoy delivering the Obelisk Making workshops. When harvesting the Willow I try and keep as quite as possible so not to disturb the fisherman but also so I can listen to the birds and watch the ducks and their ducklings enjoying a swim in peace, I am so lucky to be able work in such a picturesque, tranquil location!

Great time making mini and maxi obelisk for the garden. Helpful guidance and tips from Lorraine and the cups of tea helped keep us warm! Highly recommend these courses. Keeping the traditional crafts alive.

Facebook review by Sarah Hellard

If when I get a spare half an hour I also enjoy just sitting and peeling off the bark of the Willow to reveal the white wood below, ‘it’s like peeling off nail varnish”, so satisfying and addictive! Once peeled the Willow can be used for weaving but it does dry out much quicker than when the bark is left on but does looks very attractive.  I include the use of Willow in my Wood Craft Workshops too, the children love making Bird Feeders or Mini-Obelisk.

Together with my husband Paul we will be delivering our first combined Obelisk and Wattle Hurdle Making Workshop to be held at Sussex Prairie Garden, Henfield on Sunday 2nd June. This beautiful garden (another picturesque location) partners with the RHS so we are offering a 20% discount to RHS members!


We also have a new collaboration with The Salt Box (also located at Priory Farm Estates) who are hosting a Willow Obelisk Workshop & Woodland Lunch, so why not join us, Lorraine, Christian and Beckie in the woods on Thursday 4th July!


Another great use for Willow is making the bases for our seasonal wreath making workshops, such a natural alternative to using wire or oasis. We include the weaving of the base in the workshop to make it more interesting. The Spring Wreath below included an attractive yellow Willow, you can also weave in other flexible wood to introduce different colours such as Cornus!



It’s Cowpie On Sunday!

Only two days before the Cowpie Show at Blindley Heath. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand on Sunday, Paul will be undertaking a Hedgelaying demonstration and I (Lorraine) will be demonstrating how to make a Willow Obelisk!
I will be pleased to offer you a SPECIAL 10% SHOW DISCOUNT to attend one of our selected training courses or workshops, just find either of us and say the following phrase:

“Wow what a big one, I’ve never seen one as big as that before!”

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Join us at Spring Live

Join us at Spring Live, to be held on the South of England Showground in Ardingly on Sunday 5th May and Bank Holiday Monday 6th May.

Our stand will be situated in an excellent position alongside the Food Court seating area. In addition to displaying a selection of products made from wood sourced locally we will also be demonstrating how to make traditional crafts and discussing our training courses and workshops so why not pop along and say hello!


Make your own woven lawn and border edging!

Spring is such a lovely time of year, if you are a keen gardener you will be watching the weather forecast and taking every opportunity to get outside and into the garden to tackle the jobs this season brings!

Wattle Hurdle Workshop

Would you like to learn to make your very own Woven Hazel or Willow Hurdles to edge your lawn or frame your borders this year?

Join one of our Saturday workshops at Priory Farm, South Nutfield to learn the traditional skill of Wattle Hurdle Making. You will make your hurdle in a jig rather than in situ, we have both long and short jigs to suit different lengths of hurdles required.

With a new skill under your belt you can make hurdles of varying heights and lenghths. You may also wish to try different styles of weaving or even make your hurdle in situ as seen in the photo below:

Vegetable garden border edging woven in situ at RHS Garden Rosemoor, Devon.





Easter Craft Workshops

Our Easter Craft Workshops have a little something for everyone!


  • Tuesday 16th April: The Dene, Woldingham
  • Saturday 20th April: Priory Farm, South Nutfield

What crafts can we make?

For adults and teenagers you can make a Bird Feeder, Mini-Obelisk or a Spring Wreath all woven from Willow! For children we have Willow Hair Wreaths, Painted Wood Art fridge magnets or hanging pictures!

We have lots of Easter themed designs or you can create your own! Pre-book your workshop slot to secure a place!