Hedges & Hurdles is a family owned business run by Paul Matthews a national award-winning professional Hedgelayer and his wife Lorraine. Hedgelaying and Hurdle Making services are contracted out to local authorities, private residents and landowners.

We offer “Experiences”, including Hedgelaying and Hurdle Making training courses delivered by Paul during the autumn and winter months. Lorraine delivers various Wood Craft Workshops, including our Obelisk Workshops and a “Hen In The Wood” experience (for Hen parties and groups). Courses take place at various locations in and around the Surrey Hills area in partnership with various landowners.

The range of rustic country craft products produced are made from woodland material gathered and coppiced locally and include Beadles (wooden hammers), Obelisk/Plant Supports, Cheese Boards, Cake Stands, Birch Hearts, Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders, Wreaths and table decorations.

Lorraine is a professional business development and marketing manager and responsible for all Marketing and Events on behalf of Hedges & Hurdles. Lorraine is also skilled at making handmade crafts from wood coppiced and gathered locally and is experienced in delivering various types of workshops and training courses.

Paul Matthews is a registered and active member of the South of England Hedgelaying Society and the National Hedge Laying Society of England & Wales. An active participant in Regional and National Hedgelaying competitions Paul was awarded the title of National Champion in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017 and was also very proud to be awarded Supreme Champion status in 2015.



Paul is also highly skilled at Hurdle-making, an age-old practice of ‘weaving’ cleft hazel rods through upright hazel rods, the method varies throughout the UK. Hurdles are used as a rustic and practical and attractive alternative to modern day fencing panels.

Traditional hedgelaying and wattle hurdle courses are available via Hedges and Hurdles on selected weekends during the winter months starting in October through to the end of March. For further information see Hurdle Making Courses and Hedgelaying Courses

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