Hedges & Hurdles has been in operation since 2000 contracting out services to local authorities, organisations such as the National Trust and private residents and landowners including local farmers who wish to ensure a stock-proof barrier around their land. Hedgelaying is a management solution for over grown hedges widely practiced throughout the UK and Europe.

Paul Matthews owner of Hedges and Hurdles is a registered and active member of the South of England Hedgelaying Society and the National Hedge Laying Society of England & Wales. An active participant in Regional and National Hedgelaying competitions Paul was awarded the title of National Champion in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017 and was also very proud to be awarded Supreme Champion status in 2015.


Paul is also highly skilled at Hurdle-making, an age old practice of ‘weaving’ cleft hazel rods through upright hazel rods, the method varies throughout the UK. Hurdles are used as a rustic and practical and attractive alternative to modern day fencing panels.



Paul also undertakes wood clearing from coppiced woodland poles, these can be Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Ash or even Birch. The wood is mainly then used to produce hedging stakes and binders that are used for Hedgelaying but also provided to the associations for use at competitions and directly to other Hedgelayers in the South of England.


Traditional hedgelaying and wattle hurdle courses are available via Hedges and Hurdles on selected weekends during the winter months starting in October through to the end of March. For further information see Hurdle Making Courses and Hedgelaying Courses

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